Essay: The World of Harry Potter

Essay: The World of Harry Potter
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Scientists believe that the magic of Harry Porter’s world is the same as it is done today, but this is a misconception. In the world of Harry Potter, magic was used as a means of making things work and creating new things just like technology in the hands of a trained individual who makes airplanes that can fly in the air and freezers to keep stuff cold. However, it is these products of useful discipline, in a way, adequately enigmatic to the individuals who use them, that they may also be the yields of magic.

Harry Potter is a wizard is shown to be helpful to his friends and social circle with the help of his magic and supernatural behaviors. He does not intend to harm anyone except evil forces who are a threat to good humanity. His magic and fantasy amuses the young generation all over the world and helps one connect to those times when fantasy and fairy tales were a good source of literature and excitement for children. Undoubtedly the magic at Hogwarts is certainly for the righteous people like Harry Potter and aims to bring peace all over the world.

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