Essay: XM/Sirius Satellite Radio

Essay: XM/Sirius Satellite Radio
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XM/Sirius Satellite Radio is a satellite radio service operated in the United States and Canada by Sirius XM Radio. It provides a subscripted based satellite radio service operating 73 music channels, 39 information and entertainment channels, 21 regional weather and traffic channels while 23 channel broadcasts play-by-play reports of sports channels. XM/Sirius Radio conducts its services through two high powered geo-stationary satellites which are located above the equator.

These satellites are called XM Rhythm and XM Blues. Apart from these satellites, the XM radio service is also broadcasted through a number of satellite broadcast repeater devices which have been placed at various locations within a number of cities to ensure the quality and availability of XM Radio transmission in places where satellite transmission may not be accessible. The XM Radio signal has a bandwidth of 12.5 MHz and operates in the S Band (between 2332.5 to 2345.0 MHz) allowing it to cover most of the North American Region. It also reserves 128kbps of its bandwidth to OnStar system for use by OnStar vehicles. The OnStar system also provide XM Radio as a part of its bundled services  and  the subscribers of OnStar can also contact OnStar advisors or assistance in setting up their XM-Radio Subscriptions (, 2009).

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