Essay: Best Years of the Golden Age; 1896-1914

Essay: Best Years of the Golden Age; 1896-1914
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The significant events covered by the author in this section pertained to The affirmation of the gold standard, the specialization and the growth that took place, The recognition of the intellectual support, the free traders, formation of global networks for the economy, the migration of the people on a global scale to placed of better opportunities, establishment of new technologies, protection of the small scale niche industries. The failures of the period were recorded as the colonialism and underdevelopment, the Congo issue, the stagnation of growth in Asia and the stagnation in the plantation industry. As a result of the successful initiation of globalization in the world, problems pertaining to the issue of free trade occurred which it was questioned as to whether the free trade was free or fair. Moreover the winners and losers of the trade were identified and decline of the world’s economy into a second world war was depicted.

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