Essay: New York University: An enigma of the Global Network University model

Besides their reflective commitment to foster the acquisition of knowledge through discovery, innovation and research, institutions of higher learning have dedicated themselves to promoting cross-cultural networking in bid to embrace cultural diversity. In this light, the concept of Global Network University signifies a diversified global presence in which cross-cultural interactions thrives through a profound curriculum and collaborative faculty programs. Global networking in universities allows students to study and interact socially and culturally with other students and faculty from around the world.

Since its inception in 1831, NYU founders intended to decentralize education from the ivy tower by aspiring to be “in and of the city” and “in and of the world” in such a way that it exemplifies cross-cultural networking in a fortified Global University Network (Hester 67). The decision to join the esteemed New York University based on global cross-cultural networking forms an informed choice since in terms of global presence, NYU leads with a growing over 40 % undergraduate and postgraduate students studying abroad.

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