Essay: z9 Series of Mainframes

Essay: z9 Series of Mainframes
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The System z9 series of Mainframes represent the top of the line systems from IBM which provide a premium mixture of latest technologies combined with scalability, performance, and capacity. The System z/9 architecture implements a modular architecture which is composed of two functional frames. The A-frame houses the processing unit of the system while the Z frame is used to provide the I/O connectivity to the system through a number of interfaces. The z/Architecture of System z9 Mainframe extends the capabilities of the system through new 64-bit control and general registers as well as 64-bit virtual and real addressing.

The Processing unit of the System z9 Mainframe also implements modular concepts such as books, which are complete processing packages with processors, caches memory and I/O link interfaces, which are added to the A frame to increase the processing capabilities of the system. The A frame is connected to the Z frame through high-speed STI links, which houses STI multiplexer cards. These STI multiplexer cards are used to connect a variety of external interface cards, to the System z9 Mainframe through which it communicates with other devices on a network. The System z9’s z/architecture has the non-modal instruction set architecture which allows for executing in 32-bit and 64-bit instruction mode with 32-bit or 64-bit addressing, transparently. The z/Architecture also implements a hierarchy of a number of translation tables, in order to allow full 16 exabytes addressing space made possible through the use of 64-bit addressing. Management and support in System z9 are provided through the use of Hardware Management Consoles and Support Elements while the sharing of resources is optimized by the use of virtualization feature.  Though it has been succeeded by IBM System z10, the System z9 still offers a perfect combination of features which are needed by businesses to survive in today’s on-demand business world.

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