Essay: ZigBee and its Domestic, Business and Industrial Applications

Essay: ZigBee and its Domestic, Business and Industrial Applications
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1. Introduction

Though computers has undoubtedly been given the credit of bringing in revolution in the way businesses and industry move along with bringing changes to our lives, the fact of the matter is that many of the advantages that computers have brought (such as emails and access to information from around the globe within seconds) could not have been possible without creating standards for communication between them using both wired and wireless medium.

Though the wired media has constantly seen evolution which goes back to as long as the invention of the computer, wireless technologies have recently seen tremendous progress have been gradually becoming part of our lives. The advancement in wireless technology has not only made it possible to accomplish more complex and advanced tasks in a much convenient way but also has made the devices cheaper. An example of mobile phones can be given in this regard. Ten years ago, mobile phones were not only expensive but also offered only limited and low-speed connectivity. However today, these wireless devices are not only able to rival wired connectivity options but also have comparable in prices. Today, wireless devices are well capable of supporting speeds which make it possible to transmit live videos over them.  This progress in technology, as well as cost reduction, has also been a major part in propelling the Internet boom, which has brought us a number of advantages. Recent research has seen scientist develop new communication standards in order to explore the use of wireless communication medium in ways other than its traditional use and ZigBee standard is one of them. ZigBee can be used to create personal area mesh networks and is very advantageous in areas ad-hoc connectivity is needed.

2. Objective

The main objective of this research will be to undertake a literature review on the ZigBee standard in an attempt to compile a comprehensive report to signify the importance of the ZigBee Standard. The research conducted for this project will help in gaining a deep understanding of the ZigBee standard as well as the important role ZigBee can play, through detailing of two examples of ZigBee implementation in domestic, business and industrial environment. The outcome of this research will be the compilation of an unto date literature on how the ZigBee standard is being exploited for making various domestic, business and industrial process, efficient.

3. Significance of the Research

3.1. Personal Research

This research is important to be because I have always been interested in wireless communication technology. I have always been fascinated with the idea of devices performing tasks by using “Transparent Energy”. ZigBee is particularly of importance to me because I am very much interested in exploring wireless sensor network technologies and would like to pursue a research-based degree in it.

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