Essay:Charlie Crow to expand business internationally

Essay:Charlie Crow to expand business internationally
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Charlie Crow has had a significant market share in the UK for its innovative costume designs and the availability of demand from the customers in the UK. This report would include consideration of different options for Charlie Crow to expand its business internationally. Initially, different international markets would be analyzed and it would be determined whether the markets can be beneficial for the business of Charlie Crow. The mode of entry in the chosen market would be determined and the strategy regarding the positioning of the brand would be decided.

Determination of Market

In this section, three markets would be analyzed which are; German market, French market, and Chinese market. There are a number of factors that determine the business environment of a country. The economic factors such as employment, inflation and the level of spending are highly important in order to determine whether a retailing business would be successful in a market. If there is a high rate of unemployment in a country, people would not spend on anything other than the basic commodities (McKinley, 2001). However, if the economic scenario of a country is stable, it would be highly favorable to new businesses. After the analysis of the relevant factors of the business environment of these three countries, it would be determined whether Charlie Crow should enter the market or not.

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