Essay:Discussion of Current Hard Drive Interface Technologies

Essay:Discussion of Current Hard Drive Interface Technologies
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Enhance IDE

Enhanced Integrated Device Electronic (E-IDE) is a universally used interface technology which is used to connect the hard drive to the computer’s system bus. The E-IDE Interface offers data transfer speed of up to 133MB/s. E-IDE offers a relatively cheaper connectivity technology for systems that require low to medium drive data transfer performance, hence, it is the most preferred interface for companies manufacturing motherboards for home and business productivity PCs. In E-IDE,  all control circuitry required by the E-IDE drives is placed on the drive itself, therefore any E-IDE drive can plug in directly into the motherboard and is able to communicate with the processor directly. E-IDE Drives provide a solid combination of performance and reliability when used with RAID technology.

Current Technology – Small Computer System Interface

Small Computer System Interface is another high-speed interface available for hard drives connectivity with the system bus. SCSI is a buffered, peer-to-peer, intelligent interface that is able to support up to 16 devices on a single bus. The maximum speed supported by the latest SCSI interface is 640 MB/s which is much higher than E-IDE interface, but this performance comes at the cost of price. The SCSI interface also has another disadvantage. It requires a separate controller card to be used as an interpreter between the hard drive and processor. This takes up space and slot on the motherboard, which reduces the scalability of a PC with other peripherals.

Serial ATA

The Serial ATA or SATA is a new interface for connecting bus adapters to mass storage devices such as optical drives and hard disks. The Serial ATA interface has been designed to replace the E-IDE interface. The devices attached to a computer using the Serial ATA interface, communicate using a high-speed serial cable with two pairs of semiconductors in comparison to E-IDE which uses 16 low-speed data conductors for communication. The current SATA standard supports up to 300 MB/s of data transfer speed, however, an upcoming standard for SATA, called SATA 3.0 interface, will support up to 600 MB/s of data transfer speed. The advantage of SATA is that it currently the most popular standard for hard drive connectivity in consumer laptops and PC and almost all motherboards have built-in support for SATA (Brookes, 2008).

Recommended Solution

Based on the discussion provided above, it is recommended that a SCSI standard hard drive should be preferred. The reason for this is that SCSI currently offers the highest performance from hard drive to the memory of the PC with comparatively low latency. Though it would cost the company a significant amount of money, the quick requirement of a large amount of data by the Internet application makes it stands out from the others.

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