Ethical Decision Making Essay

Ethical Decision Making Essay
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Ethical Decision Making Essay – As part of their responsibility, counselors must safeguard their clients’ well-being during work.

It is crucial for the counselor to guarantee that such information is utilized solely for the patient’s advantage, given the amount of sensitive information that vulnerable counseling clients submit to the counselors in desperation and with the expectation of receiving the anticipated aid.

Any counselor should ensure that patient anonymity is upheld in all interactions with them and that the counseling process benefits the patient greatly.

As a result, a code of conduct and a code of ethics have been developed to provide counselors with direction for appropriate practice and to tie them to their commitments to the client so that they may be held legally responsible if they fail to abide by the two sets of rules.

Making an ethical choice presents a few challenges, especially for leaders. First, various people may have different definitions of ethics. For instance, I consider ethical based on my religious and spiritual convictions. Others, however, may base their ethics on the law or their perception of what is good or wrong.

In general, I think there are some actions that we can all agree are morally right or wrong. For instance, most individuals know that killing someone or stealing from them are bad things. Because of these variations in how people view ethics, it can be challenging to have the same ethical expectations of others as one has of oneself.

Making moral judgments is often the objective for most leaders. I genuinely think that most of the time, CEOs act morally for the benefit of their company or organization. In certain situations, it may be simpler to make a bad choice, but when faced with such a choice, a leader’s genuine character is tested.

Making the simpler choice isn’t always the best course of action for a leader personally or the group/company. Although not all choices are morally righteous, one’s moral convictions serve as a guide for their actions and decision-making. So, while making decisions, ethics do (and should) play a significant part.

Concerning personal ethics, communication is essential. As was already said, various people have different ethical standards. As a result, I find it far more challenging to attempt to comprehend others’ ethical justifications than to express my own. I’m usually a straightforward person.

I’m quick to the point, especially when I’m a leader. I share my beliefs and values with others as a result. Additionally, I express my ethical principles through my behavior. If I make judgments based on my ethical convictions, others should be able to infer my values from my actions.

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