History of the use of Non-Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports

History of the use of Non-Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports
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Alongside the use of performance enhancing among sports participants, there have also been incidents where players have been found in possession or using non-performance enhancing drugs. The case of Len Bias is an unfortunate one, where the usage of cocaine led to the loss of Len’s life (Jackson, 2009). Another quotable example is the famous former National Football League player Lawrence Taylor, who was in the news several times during after his career, for cocaine usage. He was even suspended for 30 days from football after failing a drug test.

NFL player Ricky Williams was also addicted to Marijuana, which he used to hide his social anxiety disorder ( USA Today, 2005). There have also been several incidents in NBA as well where players have been found using banned substances and have either been fined or have been ordered into a rehab. The latest examples are of Rasher Lewis and Michael Beasley, who was recently ordered into a rehab program by the NBA (BasketBall Overseas, 2009). Abuse cases of other substance such as opiates include the case of NFL play Brett Favre, who entered the NFL substance-abuse program in 2005 for using a powerful narcotic analgesic, Violin, during his games. In professional wrestling as well, the use of narcotics has been high, with several wrestlers losing their life or their career due to their abuse of banned substances (Waddington, & Smith, 2009).

Differentiating between Performance Enhancement and Non-Performance-Enhancement Usage

While Anti-doping agencies and sports bodies are quick to discourage the use of any type of substance as well in putting fines and bans on athletes, it’s important to differentiate between the usages of different types of drugs when punishing the individuals. While there is no place for unfair competition in sports, the use of non-performance-enhancing drugs needs to be looked in different light because firstly, it does not affect the spirit of competition and the performance of the player against others, and secondly it brings to light the aspects of players which are often ignored in the limelight of the sports events, that they are human beings as well and have to go through troubled times in their life as well. Hence, they need to be treated with compassion and care, as banning or putting fine on them would not help them much in getting over the difficulties that they face in their life. In fact, the have been reported cases as well, like Ricky Williams, where the players have used drugs to contain their abnormal behavior in order to perform to their natural abilities.  Hence, there is a need to reconsider this approach, and either a limited drug use should be allowed for players, who suffer from certain deficiencies for which drug use is the optimum solution, or the players who are found using non-performance-enhancing drugs should be treated for resolution of their problem which has led them to the drug use. Though several organizations do run their rehabilitation programs for this purpose, more efforts are needed in this regard (O’Leary, 2007).

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