Importance of Safety and Time Management in Flight Operations

Importance of Safety and Time Management in Flight Operations
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Need to Produce Safely

The safety of all the airport operations like terminal, flight, airside and landside, public transportation must be the top priority. Around 10 million people travel through the Brussels airport every year, therefore, the safety for all the customers is highly required. Similarly, all the airports in the world must consider the safety of their customers as divine because even a minor mishap might damage the image of the airport. Airport, like any other organizations, had to obtain some safety licenses permitted by the country in order to assure that the airport is completely according to the rules and laws of safety.

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) issues the license to airports to guarantee that the safety requirements are met by the airport. Without the license, the airport cannot fly any of the planes. The safety of humans is not only out there, but bird’s safety is also important and they must remain unharmed from the unintentional stakes from the airplanes. Extreme and unpredictable weather conditions must also be taken care of immediately. Another safety is that the runways must be protected from the disruptions caused by the automobiles or foot-travelers. Brussels airport must improve the security and safety of their customers as well as employees. The safety of different conditions is managed by different departments. One department looks out for any interruptions at the runway, while the other department overlooks the safety of the weather conditions and birds. Another department looks for and ensures the safety of the customers and the employees.

Need to Produce On Time

Being time effective is necessary for each and every organization that is operating. Without producing the goods on time or rendering the services on time, the organization cannot survive in the market. The management of operations at Brussels airport contributes to making the airport punctual and shrink the level of delays of flights. A criterion is set at the Brussels airport that the issues of any customer must be resolved quickly no matter how big the issue is. They have allotted 20 minutes time in order to deal with 3 customers at a time. The injured passenger at the airport was provided with a wheelchair within a very short span of time. IT department and service vendors managed the issues efficiently and resolved them quickly. The software systems installed at the Brussels airport not only ensure safety and emergency management but they also certify that every earnestness can be dealt within the time period or even before the given time

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