International Financial Management – Level 7

International Financial Management – Level 7
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Module Title International Financial Management Level 7
Programmes undertaking the assignment


Various Business and MScs
Weighting within the module 50%
Word limit/presentation criteria 3,000
Learning Outcomes to be assessed

(from module spec.)




1.      To examine the impact of such factors as exchange rates, inflation rates and interest rates on the performance of firms and to assess their significance in decision making in an international market/global context

2.      To critically evaluate principles and practices guiding financial management of the multinational enterprise

3.      To explore factors that differentiate multinational from domestic financial management

4.      To devise a risk management strategy to measure and hedge against variation in global financial market prices including financial crises

5.      To prepare students for the high risk high return environment of international finance


Details of the task As specified
Assessment criteria




Level 7  
Outstanding 90-100%
Excellent 80-89%
Very good 70-79%
Good 60-69%
Satisfactory 50-59%
Unsatisfactory 40-49%
Inadequate 30-39%
Poor 20-29%
Very poor 10-19%
Extremely poor 0-9%

RKC & Salford Assignment 1 Delivery 1

International Financial Management 2016_17


  1. You have been asked to prepare a summary of the following article to which you should include reflections from the perspective of a developing country:

Rob van Tulder (2015) Getting all motives right: a holistic
approach to internationalization motives of companies, The Multinational Business Review, Vol. 23 No. 1, pp. 36-56


  • This article is available via the University SOLAR> e-journals site
  • The main part of your submission should be the summary.
  • You are not required to read or quote from any of the cited articles in the paper.
  • You are not required to have specialist knowledge of developing countries beyond their treatment as contained in the lecture slides.

(1,000 words; 50%)


  1. Consider the following scenarios for the balance of payments:

Scenario 1                   Scenario 2

$                                 $

current a/c balance                   (100m)             100m

financial a/c balance    100m                         (100m)


 Evaluate the arguments that developing countries should be Scenario 1 and developed countries Scenario 2 or should the relationship be the other way around?

  • The lecture slides should be used as the basis of your answer.
  • In your answer consider the effect of elasticities of imports and exports


(2,000 words; 50%)


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