Justification of Adopted research methodology

Justification of Adopted research methodology
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The qualitative research approach has been adopted as the prime research approach in light of the fact that the study is one that pertains to the perceptions held by the respondents. One of the most crucial elements of the research is the evaluation and determination of the factors that result in customer satisfaction. In order to do so effectively, it was imperative to generate a study that could allow the evaluation of any number of potential factors that could influence customer satisfaction. This would not have been possible with a quantitative research where the scope of the research would have to be limited in order to ensure that the application of quantitative techniques. The research therefore called for a qualitative approach where an open ended directive could be followed during the course of the evaluation of the factors that are responsible for and that contribute to the development of customer satisfaction.

By maintaining a qualitative approach, it became convenient to collect data for the research. Any and all data that could be making a potential contribution to the development of customer satisfaction could be evaluated and considered in light of former researches. This brings the discussion to the fact that the research intends to make use of case studies in order to give credibility to conclusions and inferences. The case study analysis is an approach that generally requires elaboration of multiple cases and scenarios and this serves to make it extensively difficult to judge all of the scenarios on a uniform scale. As a result, the qualitative approach, on account of its open ended nature, once more allows for a thorough evaluation of case studies and other such scenarios.

Another highly significant attribute on account of which the qualitative approach is being used is due to the fact that the qualitative approach can be subjected on data that was used in the quantitative approach through the inferences that former quantitative researches derived. However, results that previous researches identified through qualitative approach cannot be subjected to precise quantitative representations of the same.

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