Key Tips to Write an Essay Introduction

Key Tips to Write an Essay Introduction
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An essay introduction is the most important part of writing essays. Every essay has an introduction, a body and a conclusion and all these parts are extremely important to structure an essay. Since the introduction comes in the beginning of an essay it has to be up to the mark to draw readers’ attention. It must be attention grabbing and direct. It works as a guide for the readers and tells them why they should read your essay and what they may learn from it. Therefore, when writing an essay introduction you need to be precise and highly relevant. If the introduction is not written well the readers will not read any further contributing to your failure. The purpose of this article is to provide you some useful guidelines as to how to write an essay introduction. Below are some very useful points for you to consider.

How to Begin?

You can begin writing an essay introduction by asking a question. For instance, if your essay is on AIDS in Africa than you can ask a question how many people die of AIDS every year in Africa. The purpose is to evoke curiosity among the readers and this curiosity leads them to keep reading the essay. In addition, you can also use statistics by providing the exact figure of people dying in Africa of AIDS every year.

Provide Background

Provide a brief background on the topic. You can discuss brief history of AIDS as to how it begun from Africa and spread to other Western countries gradually. You must provide a summary and not everything including arguments and suggestions as you need to do that later in the essay. You need to summarize the key points in the introduction and elaborate them later.


Write a Thesis Statement

Write a thesis statement telling readers the importance of reading your essay. Why should anyone read your essay in the first place? What will the readers learn? Mention these details when writing the thesis statement.

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