Main Character of The Great Gatsby

Main Character of The Great Gatsby
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The novel is much more dynamic than two-person marriages, with the lead Jay Gatsby and his beloved Daisy Buchanan.

Who is Jay Gatsby? 

This guy portrays a society’s composite picture where everyone can choose attributes to which they can contribute. Gatsby is a man of romance, a dreamer who appreciates grace and empathic. He lives with the imagination of being reunited with Daisy, his beloved. Though at the same time, he is the victim of his capitalist world; through the tribute that other people pay to him, he determines his value.

Fitzgerald dedicates the most importance to his romantic side, the first aspect of the identity of Jay. He invested a lot of money searching for ideals and aspirations from the past, which turn out to be lost and phony in fact. Daisy is a fantasy, but it’s also Gatsby’s death.

Gatsby’s portrait remains a bit fuzzy and undefined throughout the entire novel, partially because his narrative is told from the eyes of another guy, Nick Carraway. The two opposing facets of his personality that exist side by side in the character of Gatsby are portrayed by the individuals he associates himself with. The bright side is portrayed by Nick.

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