Management of Office Expenses

Management of Office Expenses
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Expense management is the system used by businesses to deal with payments and review expenses incurred by employees for business purposes such as entertaining clients or traveling expenses. Expense management also includes the processes and rules that administer these expenses. The software can be installed for effectively managing expenses which improve the productivity of this entire process. Effective expense management will increase profitability because records are maintained and unnecessary expenses can be avoided. Another useful fact is that provides accurate records for tax purposes which can be very convenient and time-saving. Another practical purpose is that it maintains personal and business expenses separately and any business person knows the exact value of his/her personal income and expenditure at a glance.

For efficient expense management, receipts must be obtained so that you know where the money that you have paid out has been spent. The receipt must contain details of the item purchased including the date. This will help in determining what the item purchased was and under which business expense category it fits into. It is also necessary to have a separate account for your business and not combine your personal and business accounts. Maintain a business account that gives you monthly statements and also returns your canceled checks. Try and issue checks for business purposes because documenting issued and canceled checks becomes easier and more effective to record and maintain.  Computerized expense management will help an employee in following the process for expense claims and the finance department to process received claims. This helps to assess profitability better.

An automated system makes it easier to code, support and give an account of all expenses. This not only effectively reduces the expenses of the dispensation of expense claims and payments but also provides the organization the capability to exercise greater management control over money spent and also makes expense management adhere to company accounting procedures and policies. This also helps in deploying resources such as money and staff appropriately. Do not use your personal credit cards for business expenses. This will make expense management more difficult. Keep the record of all your business expenses in one place to save time during audits and tax assessments periods. Keep the records available and handy for at least six years for any contingencies.  Also, choose a budgeting System that will keep records of projects and the company’s performance during the course of a year or month which keeps you free of tension.

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