Management and Organizational Leadership in Nursing

Management and Organizational Leadership in Nursing
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Nurse Managers and leaders are the backbones of nursing because they lead other in the work environment within their hospital, carry out employment procedures,  train personnel and handle other human resource issues, including doing many other duties. With an MSN, nursing management and organizational leadership specialization, nurses obtain the qualifications and comprehension necessary to coordinate a nursing team and join other hospital leaders to guide their organizations toward success. Contemporary nursing leaders and managers possess a wide range of professional skills and potential to best perform their jobs-skills that they may not have learned as nurses at the bedside.

An advanced degree in nursing management and organizational leadership helps nurses in gaining Familiarity with hospital policies and handle issues that arise occasionally, analyze different processes that occur in the hospital.  Nursing managers also act as leaders within the organization and help in strategic decision making, such as budgeting, reporting, analysis and more. They also train others in the expanded skills needed to focus not only on running the organization’s nursing function but also on achieving high-quality patient care within the hospital and even in the home of patients.

Nursing management instills Leadership and management qualities, handling human diversity and social issues, working upon health promotion and disease prevention and envisages research and evidence-based practice. Nursing management prepares the professional registered nurse to demonstrate the knowledge and skills they have acquired through a variety of experiences as a nurse leader/administrator in a healthcare environment. This specialization emphasizes the emerging trends in healthcare and the world health systems, developmental and accrediting trends within healthcare institutions and government and political influence on the provisions of healthcare. Nursing Managers incorporate nursing and related sciences for advanced nursing care to different populations, including implementing advanced health assessment and physiology practices in making nursing diagnoses and decisions about educational and curative interventions.

They also design nursing care for clinical and community-based populations based on biophysical, psychosocial and organizational sciences. They also demonstrate professional and high level communication skills when concerned with  evaluation by experts regarding advocacy for patients and families, reporting of errors and professional reporting, Function in a leadership role when collaborating with team(s) to generate knowledge that supports evidence-based practice and improves healthcare outcomes, Apply theory and researched-based knowledge from nursing and the sciences when formulating the process of leadership and management and Apply the principles of leadership & management to nursing practice in a different settings in hospitals, clinics and even in patient’s homes.

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