Managing National Security

Managing National Security
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There have been tremendous changes in the manner that the FBI is handling counter-terrorism strategies after 9/11. Prior to 9/11 the FBI usually investigated terrorist’s attacks after the occurrence. The basic reason that there was no wide-ranging database about terrorist organizations was due to the lack of threat perceptions from any source. Advances in technology and social sciences were instrumental in showing what to do in case of an attack and in many instances prevent terrorist attacks by pre-emptive action. As most of these attacks occurred outside America on American assets, the FBI’s investigation included criminal and intelligence investigations. The FBI  did take notice of the events and many of the FBI’s top investigators were sent overseas to investigate these attacks, which took a tremendous amount of resources.

After the US started counter-attacks in their “global war on terrorism” the ranks of Al-Qaeda militants centered on Osama-Bin-Laden have suffered tremendously. Hundreds of militants have been killed or captured, including some of the very top leaders. These include Khalid Muhammad Sheikh, who is said to be the initiator of the 9/11 attacks, and Atif, Abu Zubaydah. Despite the killing or capturing of hundred of operatives, Al-Qaeda still functions in a more decentralized form for convenience.   Al-Qaeda is a network of like-minded individuals of different nationalities, who share a fundamental interpretation of Islam which have been twisted to enforce their political agenda.

Viewed globally, terrorist violent activities have deteriorated, not improved since 9/11. Terrorist activities that were considered extreme pre 9/11, are now considered the norm. After the death of Bin-Laden, Ayman-Al-Zahwari continues to provide support and encouragement to the followers of Al-Qaeda. The aim of these terrorists’ organizations is to de-stabilize governments and civilizations, to impose their own extreme beliefs on the population through intimidation and terror. This is done by premeditated, politically motivated violence carried out against non-combatant targets, by groups or secret agents to achieve their motives.

This includes the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection, the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Coast Guard and the Transport Security Administration. Knowledge of laws passed for counter-terrorism has helped in implementing plans for professional training and response. Recognizing that information sharing can be crucial to eliminating terrorism, The Counterterrorism Training and Resources Law enforcement website was launched. private industries are increasingly becoming targets of terrorist’s attacks. As governments are coming into private hands, and private entrepreneurs are expanding their business horizons and continuously seeking new avenues for investment, the list of potential victims keeps increasing.

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