Market Analysis of Vodafone

Market Analysis of Vodafone
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Analysis of current market position

According to the reports, Vodafone is one of the strongest competitors in the market in relation to the telecommunications industry, not only in the UK but also throughout the work. In the year 2014, the organization was one of the second in terms of the connectivity that is provided to the customers. The greatest strength of the Vodafone is the connectivity that it provides to the customers. This is extremely strong and fast. This is the reason why the customers of the organization are satisfied and loyal to the service of the organization. The network that the organization can provide would help the customer to reach even the rural areas. The wireless telecom service of the organization is not very well developed and therefore they are not able to get hold of that part of the market share. This is the weakness that the organization has been facing right from the time others have introduced the service. This has been vital for the organization in losing the competition largely. Vodafone has been losing to the competition because the wireless connection that is provided to the customers is very poor and in most of the areas, there is no connection. Therefore, the marketing strategy that the organization has selected is to focus on the network that is provided to the customers of the telecommunication industry.
Another marketing strategy that the organization has selected for them is availing stores at the doorsteps of the customers. This would help them to reach out to the customers easily and even attract them. The customers would be satisfied with the store near to them and would be interested in availing the service of the organization. Customer support is another marketing strategy that has been adopted by the organization to reach out to the customers. there is customer support 24/7 for the customers so that they can clear with their doubts and lodge a complaint if they are facing issue while they are using the service of the organization The organization of Vodafone has provided special offers for the customers of the organization so that there is effective marketing from the company’s side. Through the discount, the organization has been able to attract the attention of the customers who were otherwise availing service from other service providers at a lower price.

Vodafone has been very clever in using the promotional strategy for the customers. The customers of the organization are easily attracted with the help of the promotional strategy, which has been made in manner that is quite significant of the organisation. Since the competition is very high, the promotional strategy have to be made in different manner.

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