Market Competition

Market Competition
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The market competition in the international platform is increasing day by day. In 16 countries, Vodafone not only competing with the international telecom companies such as Telefonica Europe PLC or Deutsche Telekom AG but also competing with the local and fresh competitors.
Based on the number of subscribers there is more than 30 mobile phone network company currently exists in the international market. Among them, the Vodafone holds the second position by the number of subscribers after China Mobile. It is assumed that within next 10 years the international telecommunication market will welcome more than 7 percent fresh competitors of the current list.
The power of the telecommunication companies is increasing day by day. This is because most of the people (around 60 percent) now have a mobile phone and seeking the operators or plans that suit them best. Having a potential and large market already influenced the competitors to take measurable business strategies. Individual governments of different countries are influencing them.

Every country has different business laws. It is already noticed that the business laws in several countries are developed in such a way that it can influence local companies and hinder the overseas companies to enter the market. Vodafone is suffering in many Asian countries because of the differences in international business laws.

Like any other countries, the market of telecommunication industry in Ireland is also showing higher competition. The market of Ireland telecommunication industry is already captured by Vodafone, Eircom Limited, Wayra Ireland Limited and BT Communications Ireland Holdings Limited. Along with the existing competitors the overseas telecom companies are trying to enter in the Irish market.
The list of emerging telecommunication companies in Ireland may include An Post, Imagine communications, Just Mobile, MDS Gatways, Meteor, O2, Smart Telecom, Tesco Mobile, Three Ireland and Virgin Media Ireland. These emerging competitors are already offering tough competition to Vodafone and other existing telecommunication companies. It is assumed that these companies are going to acquire moiré than 60 percent telecommunication market of Ireland.

The emerging competitors in telecommunication industry of Ireland have good financial back up which influenced them to directly challenge the competitors in the existing market. With strong financial back up and government influence the emerging telecommunication; companies can cause severe damage to the business of existing companies, such as Vodafone, Telefonica Europe PLC and Deutsche Telekom AG.

The telecommunication policies are regulated by the Commissions for Communications Regulation). The Minister of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources is liable to take decision about telecommunication tariffs and laws. The European Electronic Communication Code is followed by the Irish Government that offers privilege to the emerging companies. Therefore, the market competition in Ireland telecommunication market is increasing day by day.

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