Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan
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Marketing Communication is achieved through various media, especially since the increase of use of digital media for making rapid and easier interactions with the target market. Social media and electronic media has taken over a large portion of marketing; nonetheless, print media is still the second most popular advertising medium that is employed by an organization to reach their audience. Print media includes newspapers, magazine, dignitaries, pamphlets, brochures, flyers etc.
The current advertisement analysis is based on the advertisement for Infiniti in the April 2015 issue of Financial Review. The advertisement piece was chosen due to personal preference of automobiles, as well as the relevant communicative aspects are easily available in the piece. The present report is structured by aligning with the analytical framework for critiquing of communications and analyzing according to the fifteen questions, in the prescribed order.

Target market

For effective integrated marketing communications, the first step includes the targeting of the audience and precisely conveying the message to the target market and prevents waste of resources that might be utilized for an untargeted audience. The advertisement evidently targets younger generation as luxury and premium cars are the source of their interest. The Global Marketing chief of the automobile company claims that the older consumers for premium cars have already adapted to the German variety and models, however, the wealthy and younger drivers have prospects to contemplate purchasing Infiniti car. The consumers have been enticed by the advertisement to “ignite their curiosity”, which could indicate towards the adventurers and car enthusiasts as well. Moreover, the advertisement being placed in the Financial Review, narrows its target to business professionals, entrepreneurs and investors.

Brand name presence

Brand name’s presence in an advertisement is the continuous reminder of the associated message to the brand. Thus, it should be able to evoke a mental image in the consumer’s mind regarding the product or the common associations that they make with a certain image. As it is the badge for the recognition of the product, the brand name should be simple, pronounceable, and easy to identify with.
The brand name “Infiniti” is prominently displayed in this advertisement. However, the brand name has not been emphasized as much as the product (car), as the advertisement displays the car more than the brand name.

Unique Selling Proposition

The unique selling proposition (or point) of an advertisement is made to set the product apart from the competing products in the same market. It depicts the distinctive characteristics of the product that can be beneficial to the consumer and influence their buying-behavior in favor of the brand.

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