Marketing Strategies of Topshop Apparel

Marketing Strategies of Topshop Apparel
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Topshop is not targeting at a homogeneous group of customers as the items sold are between the range from casual wear to formal wear like dresses, office attire, and the tank top. However, the segment which Topshop is catering to is 15-30-year-old women who are trendy and keep them updated with latest fashions. Majorly, the focus remains on the young females, but not all older women stay away from fashion, so Topshop involves them as well in their segment target older women who love fashion. Hence, there is no age base segmentation but the majority of the customers are aged between 15-30 year. On the contrary, Topshop segmented on the basis of gender because they have offerings relevant for women.

Their offering range comprises of clothing, shoes, and accessories for women. Their products are female oriented, hence, men don’t fall in their target market While the target audience of the fashion industry consists of heterogeneous individuals, but as mentioned earlier Topshop doesn’t. Similarly, Topshop has a market space as they identify the needs by knowing the personality and differentiation in a dressing of women. In a theoretical framework is necessary to propose a differentiated offering that meets each group and sets you apart from the rest. Hence, Topshop follows the same segmentation technique and differentiate themselves with other fashion brands.

They provide low-cost products with high-end quality which serves as a value for money and gives the strategic position to Topshop Market segmentation promotes competition, competitiveness and to operate many actors but analysis of preferences given the same incidence is complex. Each segmentation criteria used to classify the consumer and help analyze consumer behavior, the benefits sought to reorient the purchase products fashion brand. Hence, it leads to customer sanctification and in some cases, it provides customer delight. However, for Topshop, it is essential to have a good business strategy which able to identify the brand loyal segments and maintain a greater level of satisfied customers.

Moreover, to characterize the loyalty of Topshop customers and/or customer segments it is important to have market study and develop firm itself and its product portfolio accordingly. Another emerging concept of enhancing customer loyalty is by endorsing the brand with celebrities. Customers can easily associate themselves with the brand if their favorite celebrities are endorsing the brand. Criteria for such loyalty customers can be based on the purchase process which can be reasoned or impulsive, place of purchase, purchase type, the intensity of use, cost, and usage scenarios. The important thing that Topshop needs to focus upon is self-congruity customers so that customers can relate themselves with the brand

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