Marketing Strategy of Coca Cola

Marketing Strategy of Coca Cola
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Coca-Cola is considered as the market leader in beverage industry because the company has taught globally and it acted locally around various countries. The company adopted advertising and promotional camping’s on large scale due to which they are able to build strong service and distribution network which aims to fulfill local needs. The company enjoys its brand equity from past decades due to the value of the brand. The company has its brand equity of 70 billion dollars which is built through brand awareness, customer loyalty, and perceived image. Due to the higher brand equity of the Coca-cola Company is able to earn high profits.

The brand name of Coca-Cola helps company in introducing their new products in the market. These products include Coca Zero, Diet Coke etc. The company marketing strategy is to coordinate and integrate with customers through using mass advertising policy. The company utilizes direct marketing strategies and public relations, so that clear and consistent message can be shared with the consumers. In this way, the consumer perception is built and the company successfully increases its sales margins. In this way, through integrating marketing communication plans the Coca-Cola company manages its business activities affluently.

Coca-cola company used to listen to voices of their consumers and act accordingly. The author explains that the company looks what consumer wants in a beverage because what they want is the reflection of where they live, what their society, how they react, who they are and how they recharge themselves. Therefore, despite differences, the company manages its diversity and contributes towards enhancing the standard of living through understanding the quality of life. The company also use the crown scheme UTC, which helps in attracting kids towards the beverage. In this scheme, the company offers various prices to their consumers, which includes Caps, cash prizes, Bicycles and TV sets etc. in this way, the company promoted its brand and gain the consumer attention.

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