Maslow Hierarchy Of Need

Maslow Hierarchy Of Need
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The Maslow hierarchy of need theory is based on 5 aspects, which starts from basic need, security, belongings, esteem, and self-actualization. In British petroleum, the management is using Maslow hierarchy of need theory in order to satisfy the employee and keep them motivated towards work (Maslow, 2013).  The management used to fulfill the psychological need of employees through providing them a stable environment and appropriate salary. The security need of employees is fulfilled through providing them work safety and benefits. The belonging needs are satisfied through providing employees support and allowing them to build a relationship with manager and peers. Self-esteem need of employees is gained through providing them respect and recognition. Lastly, self-actualization needs are fulfilled through providing employees autonomy and achievement concerns. Hence, based on Maslow hierarchy British petroleum is able to keep their employee motivated and satisfied, which results in higher employee productivity.

Organizational Culture

Creativity is defined as the ability to act, explore and think about ideas that are unique and novel. The organizational culture of a company needs to be flexible so that companies can focus on creativity for their better future. Those organizations that are allowing employees to communicate and brainstorming are able to enhance their creativity in an organization. The organizational innovation and creativity start with the problem identification and it moves towards presenting creative solutions, collaborative ideas generation, and implementation. Based on brainstorming the collaborative ideas are generated. In British petroleum that management is flexible towards creativity and innovation based on, which the company allows its employees to communicate and explore. The organization focuses on evaluation matrix in order to generate and adopt unique ideas. The organization allows management to share their views and presents ideas so that better decision can be made regarding any solution. An evaluation matrix is a common tool, which is used by BP in order to adopt those ideas that are gaining high scores. The below figure shows the decision making approaches:

Autocratic decision making        

Autocratic decision making focuses on the decisions that are made at the top level. In autocratic style, the management used to follow structure process, so that various work activities can be aligned and allocated. In this style, the control and command are highly considered.

Participatory decision making  

In participatory decision making the decisions are made based on the concern of staff and management. It is used when the decisions are made at a high level. The participatory decision-making style allows management to reduce risk and execute the situations in an effective manner. The participative decision making reduces the effect of risk and uncertainty and it allows business to gain various opportunities.

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