Master of Science in Nursing Administration

Master of Science in Nursing Administration
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Earning a Master of Science in Nursing Administration is for nurses who want to work as nursing managers or nursing supervisors in medical facilities. Their job is to oversee the nursing programs of the medical facility, procedures, and processes and supervise faculty members. Nurses can study for these degree programs in facilities that are attached to hospitals or study online in web based schools because it provides them more options and flexibility to complete their degree according to their own time schedule and priorities. The degree program includes health policies in nursing, preventing diseases, nursing administration and management and supervisory roles.

The duration of Master of Science in Nursing Administration is 2 years because that is the time required for preparing nursing professionals to be the best in their fields and earn the maximum salaries. Earning a better salary raises their standards of living and earns them greater respect from their contemporaries. The job requires a greater amount of responsibility and accountability and the degree ensures exceptional professional stability and they earn around $60,000 per year and more according to the number of years of experience that they acquire while working as nursing managers and administrators. The degree also enables them to teach nursing or become long-term care executives with salaries of $167,000 per year.

Institutions having Master of Science in Nursing Administration have to be registered and accredited and must have qualified and experienced faculty members who are experts in the field of nursing and nursing administration. The faculty members must have the knowhow to provide their students with knowledgeable mentoring, advice and instructions so that the students become familiar with all aspects of nursing administration. Tuition costs are quite high and may cost as much $437.58 per credit hour. To qualify for taking the degree program, the person must be a registered nurse, possess a bachelor’s degree and a minimum GPA of 3.0.

The Master of Science in Nursing Administration is designed specifically for those individuals who want to be the best in the nursing field and would like to make positive contributions to patient prospects and delivery of nursing services in a manner that support the best form of patient care. The entire program is uniquely designed and has a clinical residency with many different clinics and hospitals including some of the largest premier hospitals in the country. Online programs provide the same quality as campus-based programs and students have to appear for their degree exams in designated facilities chosen by the university they are studying with.

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