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 1. Aims of the Dissertation:

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) are considered to be the hub of employment in the Middle East, and workers from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Srilanka, to name a few, are coming to this part of the world for the purpose of finding gainful employment. In all of the aforementioned countries, high unemployment persists, and it is the reason why they opt for the Middle East and UAE specifically (Jeffreys 2007). Locals who live in the Middle East are encountering significant problems because of this trend: they do not feel they have equal job opportunities because migrants are taking their positions.

These fears are widespread in the United Arab Emirates; therefore the country has implemented various measures to provide equal employment opportunities in the current climate. The movement of Emiratisation was initiated by the UAE government: the policy is now to employ local citizens in the public and private sectors of UAE. Through this policy, the country has reduced its dependency of foreign labor (Rehman 2007).

This strategy is used by other countries as well under present conditions, and the core purpose of this policy is to generate employment for the locals. Through this strategy, a country can solve its employment problems, and locals of a certain country can find work in their homeland. The government of the UAE is attracting Emirati nationals into their surging economy.

Analysts and strategists believe this policy will prevail in the entire Middle East because it has long-term positive effects for UAE locals. UAE industries at the current stage are not prepared to hire locals due to their lack of expertise. As time passes by, however, and because of government regulations, companies will be bound to employ individuals from the internal labor market.

The aim of this study is to examine the vital issue of the implementation of Emiratization policy and its effects on public and private sectors in the UAE, particular attention being paid to how HR management and employees deal with the challenge of applying Emiratization.

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