Methods for Retention used by Colleges and Universities

Methods for Retention used by Colleges and Universities
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Efforts to retain African American students in colleges and universities comprised of a promotional material such “departmental brochures and personal letter”. Community colleges get in touch actions that were successful in increasing college enrollment at colleges included “student life and activities, brochures for athletic activities, financial aid brochures and admission forms and letters. The most effective get in touch activities’ that increased African-American enrollment were viewbooks, brochures depicting student life on campus, a CD fact sheet that emphasizing minority student brochures, and equally important “financial aid brochures”. 

Some institutions have made dramatic systemic changes on their campuses to improve the retention, success, and graduation of their students.  The Universities introduced the “Personal Development Portfolio” (PDP), which was mandatory for all students to complete.  These colleges needed retention programs that would have student participation in the campus and community, as well as retain students in many ways: psychologically as well as intellectually.  The PDP is a hypothetical and academic move toward complete education and is composed of some perceptions addressing the real life personal issues relating to   citizenship, intellectual growth, personal/emotional, and ethical/spiritual growth

Contact with students was also carried out over the Internet, with information being disseminated on the website of the institution websites. The websites also provided online options for application for application fees and also an email newsletter. This resulted in an increase in the community college levels.  At the community college level, none of the online contact items implied an influence on enrollment increases when used as the only contact practice. At the university level, the online contact activities used in combination to influence enrollment increases were: an online inquiry form, online financial aid application, online housing application, online orientation program for new students, online payment option for application fees, virtual campus tour, email newsletter, online “chats” with prospective students, online catalog, and online course registration for current students.

At the community college level, the online contact activities for prospective students to enroll at the institution were: online course registration The year that these students are admitted to the colleges as freshmen, every student in association with a faculty counselor, sets her/his own goals, then plans and records each activity to build proof of accomplishments during the four years of college.  Together, they form an interconnected component that is able to assess students’ objectives and do what is required as quickly as possible.   for new students, online payment options for application fees and virtual campus tours.

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