Mindfulness teaching plan

Mindfulness teaching plan
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Mindfulness Teaching is a spiritual and psychological science that is in accordance with the teachings of the great spiritual religious leader Buddha and is of great importance to enlighten the mind and is one of the seven factors of enlightenment. Enlightenment is said to be a frame of mind in which such emotions like greed and hatred have been overcome, abandoned and are not present in the mind. Mindfulness is said to be a thoughtful and considerate perception of the authenticity of things and this power accelerates when it is combined with an obvious understanding of any events that are taking place.

The practice of mindfulness is hereditary and is being currently used in psychology to assuage several mental and physical conditions which include ‘obsessive-compulsive disorder anxiety’ and is quite useful for controlling depressive disorders and drug addiction. Buddha recommended that every person should create mindfulness in one’s daily life because it helps to maintain calmness in a person’s body, feelings, and mind. This supports analysis and garners wisdom because it combines meditative stability with therapeutic acumen ‘Mindful Teaching’ envisages a method of instructions which supports many service deliveries which are useful for variously assorted learners.

Diverse students have a greater rate of success if they have considerate teachers who have the appropriate teaching experience. Such teachers gain great insight from their varied teaching experiences. These teachers intensify and expand their knowledge base through the accomplishment of mindful teaching. They merge and combine their expertise for the application of their knowledge as they progress from being beginners to eventually becoming experts in their field of teaching. Operating instructions faculty and administrative support smooth the progress of for the development of mindful teaching in classrooms. The mindful teacher gives great attention and thought to teach and plans the teaching lessons in a manner that ultimately supports diverse activities

What and “How of being mindful. Mindfulness depicts the quality of completeness, concentration, and non-distraction because it is the essence of life. This means that people should concentrate and enjoy what he/she currently possess and take hold of the key of life. By being aware of the consciousness in your body and holding onto them, a person connects with the moment and direct experiences. A practical technique is mindfulness of the breath. By being aware of breath is the best way of training the mind to savor the moment. Since it is not possible to be mindful of every breath, a person can start by forming an image in your mind of the perfect breath and then reprimand yourself for not having it. This will make you ready for the next five breaths that you will take.

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