Misuse of forced labor in the UK

Misuse of forced labor in the UK
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A variety of forms of compulsion encountered in the primary and secondary substance was analyzed for this analysis.  Forced work is analyzed bearing in mind the forms of compulsion used to coerce a labor. This might be bodily and sexually violence, threats of physical violence, balance burden, bullying and threats based upon migration status, extortion, and confiscating documents that identify or withholding of payments. The use of these forms of compulsion is more effective if the immigrant is reliant on an agent or employer, due to incurred debts or the restraint of work permits.

The example of using terror with the purpose of pushing someone to forced labor is illustrated by two Polish labors about how they were brought by the agents to the UK. Residence and jobs were promised to them, so that they could pay their agents later on, by the time they arrived in the UK they were moved several times and were forced to work for long hours, were observed closely, and in return, they never got paid for the services.  They tried to escape but did not succeed and got beaten up badly. At last, they managed to escape and slept in Heathrow airport for 48 hours. They were frightened that the agents will find them soon.”

Terror is also used to stop immigrants from highlighting the issues or filing complaints. CAB employees themselves felt frightened as individual members of the local community. Another agency stated about how they had a stable stream of complaints regarding major employment agencies, up till now none of the immigrant labors were willing to take the case further on. We have stated secretly between ourselves that this appears weird and we have wondered whether customers are scared to fight for their rights. On the other hand, we have no proof that this is the case.

A regular physical assault was stated by some labors, which stressed them out completely. A care worker was daily forced to stay late, and to sit in front of the supervisor while he wrapped up paper balls and threw the balls at her. After 8 months she had to go away due to stress and got physically ill. Up till now, while she was not qualified for constitutional sick paid leave. Her manager threatened to send her back to “home” finally she left and without an authorization, and worked in a different part of the country. Violence is usually repeated with threats and intimidation. Threats regarding migration status appear extremely common.

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