Misusing Constitutional Powers

Misusing Constitutional Powers
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When the Founding Fathers and the framers of the Constitution decided to create a country, where the powers of government would remain fair, honest and constant over the period of time, they looked to install a system of checks and balances to keep abuse to a minimum. As time has passed, many different factions have addressed their issues to bring about an equal balance of power and benefits that were sought by these men. Now, much of the wrangling over these hotly debated issues appear to move away from mainstream Americans desires, and more requests are being made by the radicals of the far left and the far right.

These factions have become the “squeaky wheels” of our democratic system, seeking to achieve answers to their causes; they have resorted to alternative methods to manipulate the system the Constitution put in place to ensure our process of democracy is maintained. A weak President, who cannot get his agendas through Congress, now has resorted to the implementation of Executive Powers to create laws, a Supreme Court that decides to thumb its nose at the popular vote of citizens of the States, who have voted to enact certain laws, and a Congress who can do nothing more than “kick the can down the road” and have no laws passed.

The country is rapidly becoming a bastion of special interests. And these special interests and other groups manipulate the powers of the Constitution so that it may not even be recognized by the men who authored it. According to the Constitution of the United States of America, any act carried out by government officials is legitimate and lawful only if it is based upon Constitutional delegation of authority. Constitutional Laws are greater than all successive laws enacted by legislative bodies and which grants the power to government and elected officials for official determination for the limits of delegated power.

Since the confirmation of the Constitution in America, there have been many laws introduced by officials that include legislations, executive orders and rulings by the Supreme Court which have been taken under excuse of the law which violated the constitution including the civil rights of American citizens . Even programs that could have had a beneficial effect for most people are now being blatantly used by officials for favouritism and nepotism for their own political gains. Entire institutions are resorting to illegal means and violating laws at will, without any fear of legal proceeding against them

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