Models for Successful Policy-Making

Models for Successful Policy-Making
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Rational decision-making model of policymaking

The rational decision-making model is based on the systematic process. It includes various steps that help in identifying the problem and making policy through exploring the information. Therefore, based on this model the policy makers used to make successful policies because they analyze the problem through conducting a deep analysis. This model includes four steps which are given below

Step 1: Defining a problem – This step includes the detailed analysis based on the problem. It helps in identifying the goals and recognizing the problems. This model is based on rational decision-making and in this model the group discussion is done in order to know that does the problem faced by an individual are same. Therefore, based on this the alternative solutions are explored that can benefit the society or community.

Step 2: Identifying the criteria and generating solutions – This step includes the solution towards the problem. In this step, various information is explored regarding the problem and after knowing the views of people the solutions are gathered.

Step 3: Weighing Criteria – This step helps in determining that do the alternative will lead towards success or failure this step includes the secondary analysis.

Step 4: Compute optimal decision – This step is based on final solution and it helps in developing various policies and strategies through which the problem can be solved. Furthermore, the monitoring is also done in order to know the outcome came from an implemented policy.

Dominance Issue Model of Policy Making

The dominance issue model explains that the policies are controlled by the participants or a small group. These participants include committee in Congress, agency, which implements and a group of people which supports the policy. This model focus on how the dominance issue is maintained through rhetoric, symbols to accomplish policy by implementing it effectively. The rhetoric and symbol in this model are narrowed down and the major focuses on people are towards the symbols. The problem is studied through framing the issue and the symbol message is the exclusion. The rhetoric and symbol tell that who is involved and who is not involved in the policy. Afterwards, the rhetoric appears the zero-sum conflicts are made.

These policies are not concerning to public health and through the help of symbols and rhetoric, issues are solved. The dominance model of policymaking helps in focusing on current policies and programs so that the program can be implemented more effectively. It helps in improving the existing program or policy through making alteration or changes. Furthermore, it is also considered as the policymaking approach because it helps policymakers in improving existing policy rather than creating a new policy.

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