Modern Concepts of Family

Modern Concepts of Family
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With the passage of time, the concept of family changed and undertook a whole new meaning. During ancient times, especially in Greek culture, the families were considered to be all the people who contributed in any way to the welfare of the family, including the. In most societies today, everyone who helps to raise the children in the household is naturally considered part of the family. The thing is that there is no clear definition of what constitutes a family, as definitions are different among different groups of people. Everyone grows up with some semblance of what they describe as “their families”.

Most of us hope to have the same structure of the family or a different version of it, but the fact remains that there is an effort to recreate a structure with a similar experience, with having or not having children. Families have different experiences as there are different families. Depending on many factors, some families are satisfied with their lot and make the most of it, while other families are disgruntled and filled with conflict which basically shaped their attitudes towards others and their own children and family when they have them. Even with these differences, the family system can still be analyzed in a methodical manner with a sociological perception of studying families.

However, besides sociology, there are other disciplines such as history, psychology, and anthropology which analyze and investigate matters surrounding family life. The makes the academic perception of the study of family life multi-disciplinary, different and sometimes even contentious. Besides investigating the academic perceptions on the study of the family structure, there is also the challenge of finding similarities between the public and private perceptions. Which means that most people have a very personal view of the family, and they tend to use their own position and power over the family without taking into consideration the overall social, cultural and outside influences that form these considerations?

Most people who are students of sociology usually take up the subject because of the issues that they come across in their own personal family lives. Many people feel that their dysfunctional relationships within the family will cease or become better when they leave their childhood homes and start families of their own. However, the childhood experiences have shaped their perceptions and attitudes in a manner, that they experience the same issues that they had during their childhood. If at all possible, children must be brought up in family surroundings which make them feel wanted and important. They realize that their feelings and needs are of great consequence and can be articulated. In such families, children usually form healthy and trusting relationships as adults.

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