Motivation and Rewards in Les Mills

Motivation and Rewards in Les Mills
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  Employee performance is reviewed online every year and it is self-administered. This review is then completed by a manager. The review is followed by a meeting which aims to set objectives and obtain constructive and formal feedback. This review is in no way connected to their salaries. Les Mills uses “Key Performance Indicators” to review individual performances. This enables them to keep the employees informed about business outcomes and gives meaning for their performance. They also make sure that employees are adequately motivated for achieving their objectives to company standards.

The company has a policy of reinvesting three percent of their salary for further training. The employee and their manager follow an “Individual Development Plan” which is made by both the employee and the manager. Les Mills knows that its success depends upon its agents. It hires the best personnel available for all their clubs. One crucial lesson that they have learned is that existing clubs did not make great agents as they would protect their own interests at the cost of Les Mills.  For this, the company has created a services contract which is binding upon all agents. They issue a license to selected agents which helps Les Mills financially. Their programs are high end and they are paid top dollar for licensing agreements

 Les Mills depends mostly upon its employees who it considers very precious human resources for its worldwide success. It allows its managers to make independent and informed decisions, make a comparison for performances for employees working under them. Each manager has an overall responsibility under his/her control. Managers encourage people working with them on recommending events for club members and then following through in completing the events. Employees adhere to key strategies and regular staff meetings, conference calls, intranet spaces, online cooperation and e-mails and training sessions that are held at the gyms. These strategies are very helpful in building deeper, stronger bonds between members and the club, and also among its members.

Most events are not for profits and can be specific events such as marathons to healthy cooking classes which act as motivations for both members and employees. Such events are held throughout New Zealand and their clubs all over the world. Employees also host internal award night to recognize and reward those employees who have excelled in their work during the last year. Such events encourage both employees and members to view the club as more than just a place to work or exercise. They consider their clubs as an essential part of the daily lives.

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