Mutual Respect between Teachers and Students

Mutual Respect between Teachers and Students
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Teaching is considered one of the most respected and noble professions in the world and I have always shown great respect for my teachers.  Teaching is quite an exciting profession as every day brings new challenges with it. I expect that all teachers should be the respect of their students, parents of the students and the community at large. But oh how times have changed! Now I have seen that teachers have to earn the respect of their students and not take for granted that their presence alone guarantees respect. Currently, the moral values of society are not the same as they were previously when teachers were accorded respect just for being teachers.

The first most important thing is that teachers should be role models for their students. Being a role model means that being someone that students can look up to. Being honest and having integrity really impresses students and make them respect teachers. Some students think that it is acceptable for them to show the same attitudes and treat teachers the same way that they treat their friends and parents. Parents usually indulge their children, but as students, they must realize that what is acceptable at home is not acceptable in school, especially the way that they treat teacher. Teachers for their part should inspire students to want what the teachers themselves want, i.e. discipline and education.

Teachers must also emphasize the necessity of keeping boundaries between the students and teachers. The best way to expect students to succeed is to promote success by modeling success otherwise teachers lose credibility before their students. Teachers must know what student respect really means. They have the misconception that students respect them because they do not question teachers and do everything that the teacher orders. This could be possible, but this will only make the students loathe you. The first thing is to be nice to your students. Being nice does not mean letting them get away with everything or that you have the right to walk all over them. Keep a balance between being nice and maintaining discipline and a learning environment in the classroom.

Be honest with your students at all times. Just because they are your students does not mean that they are any less intelligent than you. Sometimes you might be having a bad day and are annoyed at the slightest thing. That goes for your students too. They might have to contend with an abusive parent, or might be struggling with other issues, including not understanding or having an aptitude for the subject that you are teaching. And do not think that the most important subject for the students is the one that you are teaching.

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