National security in modern politics

National security in modern politics
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Security is the main criteria today in democratic countries and in countries that are ruled by totalitarian regimes. Trillions of dollars are spent each year by every country in the world to protect its interests or in other words be secure from all threats, both internal and external. Security is a fundamental part of survival both for individuals and collectively as a nation. Although these beliefs were omnipresent during the era of the cold war, now it has become a critical matter because of the development and availability of sophisticated means of destruction in which a very small group of terrorists can threaten and disrupt any country in the world.

Previously, violence was the prerogative of governments because the organized force is required to perpetuate effective violence for whatever reason. Freedom now comes after security in the priority of all the countries in the world.  Individuals can only enjoy freedom if they exist; therefore the utmost priority is to put existence before democracy and freedom. States now join forces and act in collaboration with each other to combat this menace collectively. Collective and regional security issues are now given greater priority than interests of individual states because countries have realized that combating terrorism globally is currently more important national sovereignty.

This new threat has generated a great deal of fear among individuals and states, and this has motivated state governments to either act reasonably to defend their safety and well-being or on the other hand act illogically in a way that threatens the security and comfort of others. Since fear is a great motivator, it is obvious that politicians would use to protect their individual and collective interests. Regrettably, this aspect of politics is usually overlooked in a world fearful of its security. Currently, terrorism is a major factor in many decision-making processes even affecting travel plans and other normal activities of life including, of course, politics.

Language cannot be controlled or made to obey individual or collective wills. Any word spoken or written indicates that we are currently doing something that summons us to the force for justice. Since it is the duty of the state to provide security for all its citizens and the possibility of a security threat is the most effective way to mobilize resources and the support of citizens without being asked too many questions. The threat to security is the single most and continuing rationalization for squashing of individual rights. The question to be answered is why is that the threat of security is given as the most plausible reason for suppressing or containing civil rights.

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