Obtaining Maximum Customer Feedback

Obtaining Maximum Customer Feedback
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To obtain maximum customer feedback, try new and different ideas. This will give the business some surprising results. One more way of gaining and retaining your competitive edge is to treat your employees well, because customers usually can detect if you have unsatisfied employees, it reflects on the quality of and competitiveness of the business. Studies have found that monetary benefits are not the only factor to motivate employees working in an organization. In fact, employees are also in search of other attributes related to their jobs which in turn shape their behavior and develop a positive and progress attitude towards work.

In addition to this, the studies also initiated the examination of relationship between employees and management by way of developing a human relations approach to management. In this particular regard, the studies explained how the needs and motivational factors for employees are regarded as the major focus for management of an organization. Customer satisfaction is regarded as a key performance measure, in almost every industry. The demands, expectations and perceptions of customers fluctuate constantly and in order to remain competitive in the market, companies need to be proactive in relation to these fluctuations. This makes for better customer care and service which is quite essential in your quest for seeking competitive advantages

Service quality entails the idea of fulfilling the expectations developed by the customers in relation to the quality of the respective service.  This idea has been in limelight since late 70s when different characteristics were presented in relation to service quality, which included “Intangibility”, “Heterogeneity”, “Perish-Ability” and “Inseparability”. Generally speaking, service quality is referred to the idea of improving customer satisfaction, developing an intention in the customer’s mind to avail the service again and to make recommendations for further improvements. Because of globalization, competition has grown increasingly tougher which require more aggressive marketing and shortened product cycles. Competition has also grown more intense between different companies manufacturing products with the same use or utility.

Customer’s experience of branded goods as unique or worth their price determines the competitive edge for companies marketing famous branded trademarks. A factor to retaining a company’s competitive advantage is to compete against oneself more than against other rivals. One of the massive contemporary challenges of companies in industries is providing and maintaining customer satisfaction. Service quality and customer satisfaction have increasingly been identified as key factors in the battle for competitive differentiation and customer retention. Experts claim that overwhelming customer demand for quality products and service has in recent years become increasingly evident to professionals in the every organization.



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