Opinion Paper: The Family and Medical Leave

Opinion Paper: The Family and Medical Leave
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Opinion Paper

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a great recognition of the importance of family life and workplace balance, particularly the changing role of men regarding child care (Martocchio, 2007).As for the extension of FMLA to organizations having less than 50 employees are concerned, I am in favor of this amendment. Why? For this, I will analyze the situation from two angles, one from Employee and other form Employer. From the employee side, there are many reasons for this favor. Firstly, all human being are equal and they have the same kind of basic problems. It is unfair to differentiate among human beings just on the basis of the size of their organization.

Secondly, if you are giving this benefit to of all public agencies (state and local governments) and local education agencies (schools, whether public or private), that their employers don’t need to meet the “50 employee” test; this right should also be provided to others. Thirdly, if, for example, a pregnant women working in a small company having less than 50 employee, it is ridiculous to suggest her to wait for long leave till the employees limit cross 50! Fourthly, as per law (Fryer, Bickerstaff, Heath, Pollan, & Caroom, 2007) employees have to inform their employers almost 30 days before leave along with medical or other necessary evidences. During this period, employer can easily hire new employee and   the leaving employee can provide necessary training to the new one. Lastly, the motivation and commitment level of the employees will be lowered, if they are facing the severe family life crisis. How can they give excellent performance if their old father or mother is dying at home or his or her spouse is seriously ill?

For a wise decision to make, we have to look this issue from the employer’s perspective also. Obviously, the intensity of the problem depends upon the nature of business or the job nature of the leaving employee, but I will discuss at the more general level. Primarily, employers are concerned only with productivity and turn over of their employees. How can an employee give his best output if they are not mentally satisfied, either he or she works for a big and a small organization? It is also one of the objectives of FMLA (Fryer, Bickerstaff, Heath, Pollan, & Caroom, 2007). Now, the question is how a small employer will handle the long leave of an employee with out having any substitute for it?

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