Organizational Resilience

Organizational Resilience
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Organizational resilience is “a task of determination of the complete condition of the organization, management of root weaknesses and adaptive capacity in a dynamic, compound and organized environment.” the main role is played by the organizational resilience for the purpose of organizational survival.  It also plays important role in the functioning of the extensive community during hard times. Organizational resilience assists the organization to reply to a variety of issues and threats. It also predicts the disturbances and troubles and learns from the experience. It is believed that competitive benefit achieved by the organization is due to the contribution of organizational resilience. Heads of the resilient organization motivate their employees in order to use their potential skills to resolve the issues and establish an environment through which the employees will know the connection between the organizational resilience and their work. 

After determining the role of employees that they play in the survival of an organization, it is known through the experimental proof that work engagement is the main symbol of organizational resilience. The work engagement is dependent on the employee resilience. The employees who possess more psychological resilience accept the change of organization soon because of their positive attitude which they experience. Therefore, it can be said that main attention should be given to the resilience and well-being of the employees of the organization while concerning the organizational resilience. Current researchers believe that now organization should shift from reacting to the emotional disturbance resulted due to constant change to carefully investing in the establishment of resilience in the employees of the organization.

The most significant part of HRM is said to be training and development of the employee. Its significance enhances during the global decline. It can be said that during the phase of global decline and when many issues are faced by the businesses at different levels, it pressurizes management at each level so that it can be more responsive, adaptive and intensive. Only employees that can protect their organization to become the part of economic doubts will be highly encouraged and educated. Improved level of interest and increased creativity of employee to work for their organization can be achieved by committing with the training and development of employee inappropriate and suitable method. Individual learning of employees can be concentrated and corrected by practicing and continuously applying the training and development programs of the employee. Usually, there are different styles of learning such as verbal, social, visual, solitary, logical, aural and physical. The knowledge regarding the classical conditioning should be contained in the plan of training and development programs for the employees. A theory is known as ‘learning by association’ particularly enhances the role of incentives and undefined response to it at the time of learning phase. Emirates Airline, which is known as the leading player of the universal airline industry, was the first one to determine the significance of investment in the training and development of employee during the phase of global decline.

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