“Othello” Characters: List and Analysis

“Othello” Characters: List and Analysis
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Othello: His character’s time predates the large-scale slave trade and bigotry that would become more prevalent later, so the reader should not be fooled about naming Othello black in parts of the play. A professional fighter, Othello is a decent fellow. His qualities forced the Venetian senators to consent of Desdemona’s engagement, even though she was much younger than Desdemona and her father was not too happy about it. Deceived by one of his lieutenants, in a jealous indignation, Othello murders his beloved wife.

Desdemona is the daughter of Brabantio, a Venetian Senator. For several men in Venice, she fell in love with Othello. Desdemona showed strength to stand up to her father and fight for her dreams by getting engaged with Othello. Even after her bravery, the young girl is very fragile and gentle, and in the hands of Desdemona, Othello discovers the softness, goodness, and kindness he couldn’t feel in the army. Desdemona is also very compassionate; she kindly treats all people and does not discriminate on the grounds of status.

Cassio is a faithful lieutenant in the army of Othello. He doesn’t have much combat experience, but he is worthy of gaining the confidence of Othello. Cassio is the complete opposite of stern and straight Othello with his smooth and respectful behavior, but Othello loves their distinctions.

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