Potential Limitations on Researches on Customer Satisfaction

Potential Limitations on Researches on Customer Satisfaction
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While it is customary for researches to state the encountered limitations in the conclusion of the research, modern day research facilitates the overcoming of these limitations by taking potential limitations into account before the actual research can begin. This allows the research to be carried out in a manner such that each stage of the research is scrutinized carefully to ensure that it does not fall prey to undetected limitations and that none of the research findings are subsequently influence as a result.

It is imperative to realize that the research shall rely significantly on the use of former studies and researches. Peer reviewed publications shall be considered to be of a highly significant relevance in this regard. It would be unjustified to proceed with this measure without taking into account the fact that certain limitations must have existed when the former researches were carried out and some of them may have been influenced by the limitations that were present at that time. It is therefore important to take this factor into account when considering a research to induct into this study. A more appropriate approach would be if a threshold was established so that researches can be assessed to ensure that they are credible and do not show indications of falling prey to limitations.

Another highly important factor is the fact that former researches on customer satisfaction tend to make use of an open ended survey questionnaire in order to acquire a clear, comprehensive and thorough understanding of consumer trends and their sensitivity to consumer satisfaction in the hotel industry. In the event that this approach is used, researches face the complexity of the formulation and application of the survey questionnaire. Considering the fact that the research is primarily qualitative, it would therefore be only natural for the survey questionnaire to be constituted of open ended questions. The development of open ended questions is a complex task in itself since a question, if inadequately communicated to the respondent, may result in the acquisition of answers given in varying frames of reference to the same question. This would render the question useless for the study and would have a negative influence on the formulation of the findings.

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