Project on New Restaurant

Project on New Restaurant
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The restaurant industry is a major source of attraction for the investors in London because the culture adopted by the people in London (i.e. mainly working class who requires freshly cooked food) ensures a lot of clientage. Apart from that, there is a lot of tourism from all around the globe in the city that is the reason for a lot of football in the restaurants in the city. Meanwhile, the food industry is one of the industries that allows change to prevail in the market, so the restaurant a steady and growing clientage is expected in the restaurant industry. Meanwhile if the current market of the restaurant industry is studied, it ensures the possibilities of growth since it is growing at the rate of around 8-15% in the last two years with the trend of favorable growth in the fast food and the European cuisine from the other parts of Europe like Spain and Italy, so choosing a Cypriot cuisine is a wise choice to enter into the fast-growing profitable market. The restaurant will work as a typical restaurant run by a sole proprietor where the owner is responsible for the major issues like supervision and making decisions, while the staff is working under him. It has been seen in studies conducted before that mostly the family resources are employed in sole proprietorships. This way the business gets the capital for startup at zero interest rate.  That is the reason that many people put up their lives’ savings in a small business venture. That is one of the reasons for setting up a sole proprietorship business because the economic cycle is in the favor new startup. The floor managers would be responsible to deal with the customers and give their reviews to the owner while the chefs would be responsible to look after the kitchen and stock. Cleaners and waiters would be responsible to ensure that tables are well served and the restaurant is clean as per the regulations set by legislation.

Three factors underlie food attributes and influence all stages of the food purchase decision process: sustainable production, appearance and accessibility, and then flavor. The other staff would consist of 2-floor managers who would be responsible for supervising the staff and dealing with the customers, 6 waiters, 2 cooks in the kitchen and 3 cleaners. Meanwhile, the legal dealings would be outsourced to some reputable consultancy because the public sector consultancies available for small businesses are less efficient and effective.

The restaurant is going to set up a small scale business as a sole proprietor which would be easy to set up with lesser legal complications. Meanwhile, there would also be significant chances of growth since it would be easier to deal with the customers and vendors. The hospitality industry has a very important factor in the brand image of any restaurant that takes shape with customers’ reviews. Asking customers for their feedback also gives confidence when their comments are welcomed by the business owner.

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