Proposed Organization Development Interventions/Strategies

Proposed Organization Development Interventions/Strategies
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After analysis of the organizational/human resource problems and needs assessment of the employees, it is necessary to propose organizational development interventions or strategies to solve the problems. In this concern, there is some important phenomenon that can be adopted by the company in order to solve the problems and create a new story of success in this competitive world. These can be described as below:

Required Resources:

There are various resources on the market that can be adopted by this company to solve the problems. In this, skilled workforce, market survey data of the new trends, and data of the public needs would be the important resources to solve the problems. Further, performance appraisal software and regular innovative technology can also be some important required resources to solve the problems. In this, the skilled workforce can be arranged through recruitment of talented and experienced candidates. These candidates can take part in the development of new features of the mobile phones to tackle the competitive market.

Further, the required resources in the form of data of the new trends, and data of the public needs and preferences can also be implemented on the regular basis to satisfy the market, in this, employees would also take interest in the development of latest mobile phones and expectations of performance appraisal. Further, a software of the performance appraisal system would reduce the chance of conflict and partiality in case of promotion or salary increment.


Timeline usually makes the strategy easy and effective to understand. It would basically require tasks that need to be conducted to increase the success rate of strategies. Further, the completion dates would also be required to complete the tasks step by step. Therefore, it can be understood in the following table:

Anticipated Resistance

In the organizational development strategies, some anticipated or expected resistance can occur because of the wrong information about the market or others. In this, the anticipated resistances are the less involvement of the people in the survey and increasing time and cost. Further, most of the employees can oppose the system of performance appraisal because it would increase burden to improve their performance towards productivity of the company. Moreover, diverse work environment would also create resistance because of the religious differences and thinking.

However, diversity is not a big problem as a resistance factor, but importance giving to only one culture for giving benefits of the performance can create resistance in organizational development strategies. At the same time, the policy of the company can also be an anticipated resistance that would avoid implementing new organizational development strategies.

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