Proposed Research Strategy

Proposed Research Strategy
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In order to perform good research the researcher must choose a particular approach for research out of the various methods available for research. The case study approach to research has been implemented in the current research to carry out the necessary research in order to evaluate the techniques to speed up cash flows. There are two methods to study present conditions prevalent in an organisation, group or event. The first method where many instances and examples are taken to analyse the present conditions is cross-case method and the second method where only a particular individual, group or case is studied is the case study approach. The objective of the two methods may be same but both of these methods follow different courses to reach that goal (Gerring 2007).

It should be considered though that the objective of both these methods may remain the same but the analysis of data would be performed in different ways, the cross-case method would evaluate many departments of many organisations pertaining to different industries but the case study method would only analyse the data related to a specific company or companies related to a specific industry as the case may be. It is sometimes beneficial to analyse a particular event or phenomenon within an industry or organisation than to study all functions or the whole structure of an industry. In this type of scenario the case study method for research is applied to arrive at more relevant and appropriate conclusions.

The data will be acquired from 4 year financial statements of both companies which are Debenhams and Marks and Spencer. Different tools and techniques of analysis like ratio analysis will be applied on these financial statements to evaluate how both of these companies speed up cash inflows and delay cash outflows. The trends in different assets and liabilities will be analysed to evaluate how these trends are closely linked to the cash flow.

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