Relationship between Spatial Mobility and Motility

Relationship between Spatial Mobility and Motility
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The term motility refers to the capacity of an individual to be mobile. In the context of tautology, this concept of motility seems to be closely related to the concept of spatial mobility. However, there are certain concerns raised by the scholars while linking both these terms such as how closely related both concepts are? What is the chief reason that tends to distinguish between the term motility and mobility? The factors which define the capacity of a person to be mobile can be classified into three classes that are named as appropriation, skills, and access. The access category mainly includes the accessible modes of transportation such as high-speed trains and railway networks. It also incorporates the factual situations in which these modes of transport can be actually utilized. The achieved competencies, for instance, driving license, physical abilities such as an ability to work and organizational competencies that initiate mobility, for example, the ability to access economical flights fall under the skills category. Appropriation is a person’s prejudiced elucidation of his skills and access. It signifies that whether or not a person deems his access and skills adequate in order to become mobile and whether or not they deem mobility worth for spending energy, money and time. In the context of Bourdieu’s cultural, social and economic capital, mobility is considered as a capital resource. The phenomenon of mobility is heterogeneously distributed across the society and reflects social inequality. Moreover, the socio-economic background also influences the movement of people.

It has been demonstrated that a positive correlation exists between motility and demographic constructs such as family situation, gender, age, income and. Parental family structures for instance, relatively relate to the limitations in motility. The elucidation of this fact illustrates that the correlation among family life, motility and mobility is reciprocal instead of being unidirectional. While analyzing this issue it needs to be taken into account that mobility not only impacts the families way of living instead the family conditions can also influence the ability of an individual to become mobile. Furthermore, it can be considered as a principal construct that specifies a casual mechanism among spatial mobility and socio-demographic profiles of families. Motility takes the shapes of a multi-dimensional and heterogeneous variable instead of being a one-dimensional or a metric variable consistent phenomenon.

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