Report: Market Evaluation and selection of Market Entry Method

Report: Market Evaluation and selection of Market Entry Method
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For every business and industry that goes through expansion, new business opportunities are considered. While some companies often restrict themselves to finding new business opportunities domestically, others try to venture into the international market. While evaluation of new domestic market ventures often put emphasis on consideration of controllable business factors such as raw materials, capital, and personnel, the evaluation of the international market demands consideration of uncontrollable factors as well, such as the economy, regulations, geographical statistics, politics as well as labor and presence of technology infrastructure.

The purpose of this report is to evaluate the business environment in Russia and the Czech Republic. A business evaluation matrix for Automotive Sector has been constructed by considering four evaluation factors, that are, Political and Legal Factors, Economy, Social and Cultural Factors and Technology and Environment.

Structure of the Report

The report starts by presenting a Business Evaluation Matrix for Automotive Sector, followed by an explanation to the evaluation as well as weighting. This report ends by providing a recommendation based on the factors that have been considered in the evaluation. At the end of the report, Appendix A can be found which list the details criteria on which the evaluation marks have been based, followed by a list of references.

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