Research Methodology

Research Methodology
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3.0 Introduction

The objective of this chapter is to analyse and interpret the research methods applied to study and evaluate the data collected for research. The concept of research, methods applied to research and explanation of the research method applied is discussed in this chapter. The researcher believes that the case study approach is appropriate for this particular research. The case study approach is applied to analyse the secondary data collected during the research process. The technique and importance of the case study approach is discussed in this chapter. The limitations to the research and data collection are also discussed in the later part of this chapter.

3.1 Research Methodology

Research methodology is twofold which comprises of research and methodology which are complementary to each other in order for research studies to be successful. Research is not just interpreting data from other sources and assembling it together. It is the process of evaluating past data from books and other sources and carrying out personal research to prepare something original which would contribute to the advancement of knowledge. This is achieved in various ways which include interpreting previous studies to explain the details of that study, explaining a part of any field of study to provide a new and fresh perspective or evaluating and observing any new theories for a particular field of study (Kumar 2002). The main objective of a research should be to increase human knowledge about a known fact or present new ideas and facts in any discipline.

Research cannot be carried out by just collecting data and interpreting that data. The methods for collecting data, analysing that data and presenting results for that data should be known in order to perform effective research. Research is the study of the unknown where people try to discover new ideas and invent new products. The knowledge that we have today is due to extensive research by different people at various points of time. Research methodology explains what methods are applied to collect data, analyse the data and perform analysis in a particular field of study (Goddard and Melville 2004). In order for a person to perform a proper research, the various methods, tools and techniques for research should be known; otherwise the researcher may face many problems in collecting data and interpreting results and conclusions from that data.

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