Research Paper on The Effects of video games on people

Research Paper on The Effects of video games on people
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Most of the young children and teenagers are very passionate about video games. They spend hours in front of the TV screen playing different kinds of video games. Playing video games excites them and they highly enjoy it. When in school they discuss video games, when they surf the internet they are always looking for newer versions of different games, they spend a lot of time playing video games online, they like to read different magazines on video games. There are video games causing no harm to young children. They can play such games without any problem. The main issue is the fact that not all video games are appropriate for young children. There are games having extreme violence and bloodshed and such games can lead children to the wrong path. It may teach them that violence is acceptable in any form. It can even turn them into a violent and aggressive person once they grow up. In this article, we will discuss as to how some video games can lead to problems for children. Please continue reading to find out.

Violent Video Games

Children can end up believing that violence is not bad and it is a way of showing strength and power to impress others. Children are most likely to get affected by violence and bloodshed. If they get too much exposure to such games it can make them more aggressive and they may not find it wrong. They may think that violence is fine and it is a good way to appear stronger. They may start engaging in violent activities in school. They may start bullying and physically hurting other children. Today’s violent video games contain graphic scenes which can have a very negative impact on the minds of young children. They may start imitating their favorite character in a particular video game.

Other Problems Faced by Children Playing Video Games

Video games can make children physically inactive. They may spend several hours in front of the computer screen playing video games. They can become so addicted to playing video games that it may also interfere with their daily normal routine. They may not complete their homework for this reason and as a result, it can affect their overall performance in the school. Due to physical inactivity, they may become lethargic.

It is good to have a source of entertainment like video games but parents should keep an eye on their children as to what kind of games they are playing. They should be discouraged to play violent video games because of different types of problems they can cause.

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