Research Paper On an IS/IT Topic

Research Paper On an IS/IT Topic
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A business process can be defined as a set of activities that are implemented to ensure the provision of a product or service for organizations customers. Organization implement a number of processes in order to ensure that their business is run successfully, however, there is always  need of refining those processes in order to make efficient  in order for business to take on the challenge of increasing demand and shorter delivery times for the products. The current age is of information technology. Many businesses and organizations around the world, have accepted information technology with open hands, and have reaped it benefits by making their processes agile and precise. Information technology itself offers great flexibility and provides advantage to any application it is used for.

This flexibility has resulted in business organizations relying on IT heavily in order to survive and progress in an extremely competitive business environment. These organizations tend to automate more and more of their processes with IT in order to make their businesses efficient as well as to add flexibility in order to meet the ever-changing customer needs. Currently, IT has automated a number of processes in various businesses, which ranges from business decision making to management or resources to automation of processes. The purpose of this paper is to look at various software and hardware trends which have been implemented by organizations in their processes. It discusses in detail various examples of how IT is helping these organizations in making these processes efficient and cost effective (IBM Corporation 2007).

Hardware and Software Trends in Organizational Processes

Use of Robots in Automation of Manufacturing Process

The term Robot refers to a mechanical device that is capable of performing a variety of complex tasks quickly and is controlled either through a remote control or through a series of scripted commands. Robots have found a strong use in the business related to manufacturing industry. The use of human work force in manufacturing is often troublesome. Organizations have to deal with issues such as employee benefits, demands of increase wages, inefficiency as well as compromise on the quality of the manufactured products. In addition the organization would also have to deal with employee union demands, which often tends to blackmail the higher management into fulfilling their demands, or the organization faces losses due to their reactive measures. Therefore, many organizations worldwide have tended to automate this process through the use of Robots. The machines not only offer efficiency and precision, but they also work faster than a group of human doing the same task, thus are much more cost effective. An example of Robots used in the automating of manufacturing process for various business, is their use in Car Industries. Companies such as Toyota and Nissan, use robots in all phases of their car manufacturing which include manufacturing of different car parts, welding them and painting of the car (Hinckley 2009).

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