Research Paper on Anxiety Link in Autism & ADHD

Research Paper on Anxiety Link in Autism & ADHD
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Sleep deprivation not only makes kids drowsy, but it also impacts their emotions. Their anxiety levels grow in particular since sleep is the only time when the brain gets a chance to relax and recoup from the day.

The body produces more stress chemicals into the bloodstream when you don’t get enough sleep. As a result of the heightened tension, youngsters have a harder time falling asleep.

As a result, sleep-deprived youngsters are trapped in a vicious cycle of sleep/stress that resembles many anxiety illnesses. It’s worth noting that sleep deprivation doesn’t have to be severe: even missing an hour of sleep each night might cause difficulties.

The brains of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are organized differently. And this distinction has an impact on how people perceive the world. They, for example, have a harder time communicating, require regularity, and are hypersensitive to sensory stimuli. They do, however, experience issues with sleep and anxiety.

According to research, at least half of all children with autism have sleep problems, compared to just 25% of non-autistic children. In addition, 20% of autistic children have significant anxiety levels, compared to just 9% of non-autistic children. As a result, the sleep-anxiety cycle can harm children with autism substantially more.

Children with autism are frequently hyperactive and have difficulty focusing. It’s for this reason that roughly 30% of them are diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). 

ADHD is a neurological difference that causes hyperactivity, inattention, and impulsivity in youngsters. These characteristics, like autism, frequently contribute to sleeping issues.

And her sleep will most likely be harmed as a result of her overstimulation. However, this is where another vicious cycle emerges. Poor sleep causes forgetfulness and difficulty concentrating, both of which are ADHD symptoms. As a result, ADHD interferes with sleep, making the condition worse.

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