Research Paper on Effects of Racism

Research Paper on Effects of Racism
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Racist violence has been directed against a variety of groups. In El Paso, Texas, shooting in 2019 claimed the lives of 23 individuals. Latinos made up the majority of the victims. The assassin had voiced anti-Latino and anti-immigrant sentiments on the internet.

In June 2020, a white guy in Frenchtown Township, Michigan, threw a bike lock on a chain at a Black kid. The boy’s jaw was broken by the impact. A white police officer had slain George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minn., in a high-profile case a month before.

For nine minutes, the murderer knelt on the defenseless Black man’s neck. Floyd’s killing has been seen by many as exposing the issue of policing racism.

Racism manifests itself in physical assaults and derogatory insults. However, incidences of racism are far more common than those reported in the media.

Racism in the form of subtle, less visible deeds occurs on a daily basis. Others may feel as though they don’t belong because of white people. Many facets of society may be biased in favor of white people. Nonwhite persons may find it more difficult to advance as a result of this.

According to scientists, all forms of racism are harmful to people’s mental and physical health. The new study is shedding light on the impact of racism.

Many people openly state that they are racists. Many others, on the other hand, may be completely oblivious that they are passing judgment on others.

Implicit prejudice is the term for this. Scientists investigate this by observing how individuals treat others of different ethnicity, religion, or age. Researchers may also look at the terms people use to describe distinct groups or the thoughts people associate with them.

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